Cranking it up again!

This marks my second attempt at blogging – my old blog was hacked a few weeks back, and as it turns out, I’m kinda grateful that happened!

I had originally started my old blog, The Outhouse Economist, as an attempt to give myself a reason to write every day other than journaling.  I looked around at the blogs I read and, consciously or not, emulated what I saw.  I think there’s a natural tendency for beginning writers to continue to write for a “grade”, long after we are out of school.  We tone down our message and add snippets of what we think is acceptable so that the “teacher” that still lives in the back of our minds will give us an A.

That experience taught me to get the Internal Teacher out of my head.  There’s no grade here.  I’m hoping people will read and comment on what I write, but there has to be a connection for that to happen.  A pleasant side effect is that it is a lot easier to write a post about something you really feel than it is to manufacture a feeling to post in the first place.

I also thought that I would write about more business-y stuff.  But after a bit of contemplation I had to admit that there really isn’t much about modern business that I really give a damn about!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people making a living by creating things of value and providing services, but so much of the blather relating to business today is so redundant and “not real” – I can’t even bring myself to use the term “inauthentic” since that has been co-opted by the marketeers!

So this will be about what REALLY interests me – writing, philosophy, and connecting and communicating.  I’m very excited about the emerging world of e-publishing, as I think it will open a lot of doors not just for individuals but for forms of writing that haven’t really had a market in a long time.  Short stories, essays, and other forms that just weren’t sold at your local Big Box retailer.  I find I tend to get ideas from other peoples blogs, so if you’ve had an interesting post you might see it mentioned here!

I also hope you’ll check out the blogs on my blogroll, as they are not only good writers I’ve found, but good people.  I’m not just listing people who can link-through some hits.

The oddball name?   It’s from Ecclesiastes “The Fool folds his arms, and consumes his own flesh.”  It is a not so subtle reminder to me that being a success as a writer means you have to work at it, every day, and have the ability to light your own fire.  No laziness permitted!

I hope you’ll follow my blog and we get to know each other!


4 thoughts on “Cranking it up again!

    • Thanks for the visit! I ended up getting a referrer link that was spam. It wasn’t so much a hack, as it was a spambot run by a rather unsavory source. It blew the stats for the site all out of proportion – although for a minute or so I did feel good looking at the chart of visitors climb! Unfortunately, it was the same bot over and over. Have enjoyed what I’ve read on your site, and your photography is great too!

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