I checked back in….

with Ev Bogue…..I guess I was just curious as to what phase he was into next.   He ran an interesting blog, and I guess I feel I owe him the occasional read, since I wouldn’t have known about some of the blogs I follow if I hadn’t linked from there.  Like a lot of people, I de-bookmarked at about the time he went into his Augmented Humanity spiel.  I have to admit I did enjoy the last post I read of his about the future of blogging, it appears he has rejoined us back here on Planet Earth and I was actually able to understand the bulk of what he was getting at!

I take my hat off to talent, and Ev is one great copywriter.  When you read really good advertising copy, you don’t know you’re being sold.  Ev is getting a little heavy-handed with some of his “takeaway” marketing – get this NOW before it disappears FOREVER!    He also wants you to know his stuff isn’t for everyone, it’s for the EXCLUSIVE group of his readers who are interested in “exploring this edge”, which I think is a term he glommed on to from Gwen Bell.  I hopped over to her blog once, but it seems to be in Twitterese and I didn’t understand much of it.  She seems to like to use the term “working the edge” a lot though.

Speaking of Twitter, I am just coming off a two-week Twitter experiment, so I can now truly say I still don’t get it.  It is an incredible tool if you have something to market, you can blast your message out like a carnival barker.  But I don’t understand why real people would subscribe to it.  It’s like watching a TV channel that is all commercials!  Rest assured, however, that once I have something to sell I’ll be tweeting away!  Who ever thought that advertising would become the literature of our day!



4 thoughts on “I checked back in….

  1. I don’t get Twitter, and think it’s ridiculous. I can’t imagine tweeting mundane daily matters…what would I say?

    OK, who pissed in here?
    Oh no, the septic backed up again!
    We’re going to be late on the rent again.
    The car won’t start!
    This is the worst book I’ve ever read!
    I have a headache.
    I can’t believe he ate the last cookie, that was mine.

    Well you get the drift! Whatever happened to conversation?

    • I too, found out I had nothing to say, especially since you don’t know who is following who or will see what you say.
      It seems to have all the real communicative power of cramming people in a warehouse and having them shout at random intervals!

  2. I’m a 50/50 Twitter user. I get it some of the time and have liked it best for reading links from a few people I admire or for some conversations with a few friends. The rest of it though is just plain silly. I liked your comparison to watching nothing but commercials on TV.

    • I can see it is a powerful sales tool. But unless you have some kind of message you need to bludgeon your audience with on a regular basis it kind of reminds me of a cryptic high-tech tickertape of LOLcats, @xxxxx, and bit.ly links.
      And as you mentioned in your blog, John, when people automate their replies and responses it leaves me cold.

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