Among the missing…..

One of my favorite blogs just shut down, or went “private”, I should say.  Which one isn’t important, what’s important is that one more voice has apparently been shouted down by the hive-mind of the Internet.

We’ve been blessed with the most powerful communication medium in history, yet instead of open and honest dialogue we’re seeing it reduced to flame wars, comment trolls, and the like.  The more we reveal the more we seem to fan the flames of the haters.  Even though I never met this particular blogger, and only exchanged a few short emails with them, I feel like a human voice has been silenced, just because we can’t learn how to behave.

A lot is being made of how there are no more gatekeepers for media anymore, and the wonderful new freedom of expression this is supposed to usher in.  We ARE the gatekeepers, introducing mob rule to the dissemination of ideas and opinions.  I can’t help but notice that the generalized anger our society exhibits today seemed to grow simultaneously with the online world.  The part I have a hard time wrapping my head around is that so much of it is not done out of an honest difference of opinion, but simply to be mean for the thrill and attention of being mean.

On a similar note, writer Joe Bageant has died.  This post of his is probably one of his best.


2 thoughts on “Among the missing…..

  1. Harry, good to see you writing again. I followed your link to Jo Bageant – I hadn’t heard of him before, but boy did he hit the nail on the head. I sometimes wonder if the Net is the new TV – hopefully I’m wrong about that…

    • Thanks, Tony….Joe did have an interesting viewpoint, and wrote about things in a very witty and not mean-spirited way. That’s not something there’s a lot of on the web anymore. It’s funny you should mention the Net vs. TV. If you go back to what was written on the early days of TV or even radio, you see all this lofty prose about what a great educational and culturally uplifting future we were going to have with this new medium. Nobody saw vapid sitcoms and people eating bugs on reality TV!

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