Put Me In, Coach!

Have run across a lot of folks on the web lately in the business of being “Life Coaches”.   Haven’t really followed this relatively recent phenomena, but I’m thinking that this is not somebody you want to hire just off a website!

First off, I’d be pretty intimidated by hanging out a “Life Coach” shingle.  Who has it THAT together?  I can see coaches for the various compartments of our lives….an ex-smoker who helps others quit, an ex-fatty who helps others drop the pounds, a successful businessperson who helps others succeed.  But being an expert in “LIFE” in general is pretty tough.

I’m guessing I’d want to go to this persons house.  Check it all over for general cleanliness and order.  Then we’d want to dive into their financials – I’m looking for a steady increase in income here, you don’t have to be a millionaire, just looking for an upwardly trending situation.  Make sure they are current on their obligations…..

Then would come the interviews with their family and neighbors to establish their character as a husband or wife, father or mother, and citizen in general.

Once they passed that scrutiny, we could talk.  But anyone who has it that together is probably wasting their time trying to help the likes of me.  Not that the Ole Fool here isn’t standin’ in need of prayer in most areas of life.

It’s just that I’d consider it my patriotic duty to get people like this to run for Congress!


One thought on “Put Me In, Coach!

  1. It would be difficult to tell the difference between a life coach and a con artist. The town I live in has a few new-agey “life coaches.” They listen to your boring dreams, take you on trips where you beat drums and get in touch with your inner spirit, tell you what a sensitive person you are, and charge you big bucks for the service. I think it’s for people with money who are so selfish and needy that instead of volunteering or donating to charity, they go blow it on someone who pretends to care. It’s a real me me me kind of service. Yuck.

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