The Amish Could Take Over The World….

But thankfully, they aren’t interested in it.

As I was getting dressed this morning, I noted something that I do just about every morning – be amazed by the belt I wear on a daily basis.  It was made by an Amish craftsman who makes them out of scrap leather pieces from his harness shop.  I got it as a gift from a family member.

This belt is a testament to the leatherworker’s craft.  And it isn’t just an ugly simple leather strap – it looks at home on a pair of dress slacks as well as a pair of jeans.  If you took all the leather in every other department-store Chinese-made belt I have and put them all together it wouldn’t equal the quality and tooling of this belt.  And the best part is it cost half of what any belt will cost you at the local Importorium.

It’s palpable quality, which really sticks out in our throwaway world.  The Amish don’t stop at leather goods, however.  Some make the finest furniture you’ll ever see, along with what other crafts like baskets, preserves, etc.  Our modern cash economy is tough on them, especially since they own land.  You can’t pay your property taxes by walking your finest calf or a couple pigs up the courthouse steps as a payment on your tax bill.

Luckily, and refreshingly, they don’t care about money.  They could charge 3 times what they do for their goods, but they only need enough to settle up with the outside world.  Personal greed is an unknown vice in their community.

The highest quality goods at a fair price.  Goods you are proud to own.  I think there’s a lesson in there for our fallen world.


2 thoughts on “The Amish Could Take Over The World….

  1. What a strange but lovely concept: making something that lasts and lasts and not screwing someone with price for it. One can only imagine what our world would be like if more people did this all the time with all kinds of products and services.

    Great post.

  2. Thanks John…it would be nice if we could get back to the “I need to make a good living” level of greed, versus the “I need to become the next Google and buy a football team” level of ambition.

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