Hall of Shame II

This is another excerpt from my stillborn project……….

The Hail-Fellow-Well-Met Interview

These are the stealth interviews.  You go in, they are expecting you, you get started, and you really establish rapport with the interviewer.   You laugh, you exchange stories and experiences, and things really go well.   Your resume and background are just a starting point for the great conversation you have.

You walk out of there elated, practically picking out the wall hangings on your new office.  It went great.

And then you never hear from them again.

What happened?  They already hired somebody, that’s what!  It was probably the guy who was there just before you, or the controller’s cute niece, but for whatever reason, by the time you showed up it was a done deal.  So they might as well just relax and have fun, the time was scheduled anyhow.

Now, maybe the interview was going as well as you thought it was.  Maybe there was just that magic in the air between you and the interviewer.  They way to tell is if they ever, after a tangent, returned to a pertinent question on your resume or issue pertaining to the job.  If you got along great, and things stayed somewhat focused, then maybe the interest was there.  But if things never return to earth, how serious can they be in evaluating you?

Not much you can do about this one except head home and hope for the best.  Unfortunately, these are the ones that get your hopes up and send you crashing back down to terra firma.


One thought on “Hall of Shame II

  1. Job interviews are real life lessons in humiliation. This example and the previous are so low they are almost abusive. To waste anyone’s time is so dishonorable. I guess we have to keep in mind that the interviewer is also being treated like sh*t from those above him/her. What depressing times. More like sub-terra firma.

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