Weigh the Odds….

A few days ago John over at Full Bleed was kind enough to post one of my little blurbs as a guest post on his blog.  It was the one about the Herter’s catalog and the bombastic copy that made it so fun to read.

Here’s one of those weird Internet coincidences.  If  you revisit the post, you’ll see that the example I used was a fish scale.  John’s father read his blog and they were able to determine that his dad HAS ONE OF THESE SCALES!   And has apparently had it for going on 60 years!

If you first figure the odds of my stumbling across and following John’s blog in the first place, and him following mine, then factor in that he happened to pick this particular post for his blog.  THEN throw in the fact that I pretty much picked that fish scale example at random out of a 500 page long 40-year-old catalog from a company that ceased to exist 35 years ago and it is pretty bizarre!  Not to mention that this thing is still in someone’s possession after all these years…..I guess they were built to last!

To me, it reinforces the idea that you should just put whatever it is you do out there, because you never know where it will lead.  This example is a stupid little item, but instead of a fish scale it could have been a job, a long-lost friend or a new love.  You never know what energies you set in motion just by beginning something and letting others know about it.

There’s a quote attributed to a writer named Emma Bull that says “Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.”

Certainly makes you think, doesn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Weigh the Odds….

  1. Wow. There’s something very mysterious about coincidences. Here’s one that happens to me all the time. Every time I look up or discuss a word that’s new to me, I end up seeing it all over the place. Someone wrote a comment to me recently about how she loved the old word “rodomontade, which I hadn’t heard of. Damned if I haven’t seen it at least three times since in unexpected places!

    That’s a perfect quote for this post. Now sit back and watch the fish scales come forward!

  2. I looked her up on Wiki, there’s a pic of her in Bisbee but it just says she lives in AZ. I should find out.

    Her genre of fiction is not something I’d read, but I can almost guarantee I’ll be seeing her name in the next few days. And…she was born exactly seven days before me!

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