Feeling Minnesota

Feeling stuck in a rut today.  Winter has dragged on here on the prairie, and on days like today I can fully understand why the heartier pioneers kept on going past this part of the country….I can picture a guy on a wagon train saying “I don’t know where we’ll end up, Maw, but it sure as hell ain’t gonna be here!”

It’s beautiful in the summer (for all 90 days of summer) but this time of year the first signs of spring keep getting pummeled back by winter.  A teaser day of 60 degrees to bring you out of winter hibernation, only to wake up to a fresh coating of snow the next morning.  Makes it hard to feel like you’re making progress, internally or externally.

Man is affected by nature – at least for this generation. A few more years of exposure to LCD screens, cubicles, and flourescent lighting and nature will probably just be something that future generations rent from corporations.  But for now, thankfully, crappy weather still makes for a crappy outlook.

Climate explains a lot.  When I lived in California you took good weather for granted.  You were happy when it rained for half a day to break the monotony.  And the people’s attitudes were a lot more upbeat and friendly.  Here in Minnesota we don’t like to get too happy, because well, you never know what is around the corner.  Where else do you see people riding in convertibles with the top down but a winter jacket and hat on?  Can’t get too uppity…..

The only cure is to improve your spiritual forecast.  Stir down in the embers for what used to glow brightly and throw some light and heat back into your soul.  Soon you’ll be able to throw open the windows and breathe the fresh spring air, but on days like today, you still need to burn a little internal fuel oil to keep the chill out.

How is it where you are?


5 thoughts on “Feeling Minnesota

  1. Coming from CT, I know how winter drags on and as I got older it depressed me more and more. It OK when you have enough money for fuel and can go out on little escapes, but if not, living with constant cold gray days breaks the spirit.

    We’ve already had a few hot days here in AZ, with more to come shortly, but right now it’s beautiful. But we do have very high winds that kick up the dust and spread fires. Then it will be very hot and dry until monsoon which starts in July, everybody’s favorite season here.

    Ha ha, renting nice weather from Amalgamated Nature Corporation, employer of the future. I can see it now. It’ll probably be a scam.

  2. Had a beautiful sunny day on the west coast of Canada today but there was frost on the ground this morning and my neighbours (yes, that’s a “u” in neighbor) Jack and Sharon and their dog, Simon were complaining of the cold this morning.

    I did sit with my dog, Kepler, on my lap on the beach for a 10 minutes in the sun today so I have nothing to complain about.

    It’s funny how people end up where they do. Or rather, stop moving on from where they are. Each place has its appeal and I’m sure even where you are does, too, despite today’s rotten weather.

    Hang in there, Harry.

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