Get Out Of The Funk, Get Rid Of The Junk

Well, I’d like to report that the weather has improved, but it hasn’t.  At least my disposition has, however!  I think I discovered the reason behind the ages-old “Spring Housecleaning” phenomena.

Living in a northern clime, you spend a lot of time with all the detritus of your existence.  The books you bought but haven’t read, the art project you haven’t started on yet….all the things that you had the best of intentions for at one time, but now seem as if a different person had them delivered to your house.

In the fall of the year, you naturally stockpile these “Winter Projects” as a guard against becoming a total vegetable by February.  You don’t start on them while the weather is nice, because you are saving them for the days when the snow is howling past your windows.  But as winter drags on, you somehow find time to avoid doing these things as well.  Maybe life gets in the way, maybe you discover something else.  Who knows……

But when spring arrives, you are heartily sick of looking at and stepping over all this stuff.  It seems like it belongs to a person that doesn’t exist anymore.  You’re like the squirrel who realizes that he doesn’t have to gnaw on the old, stale acorns he’s been storing since last year, because now fresh, plump, tasty ones are dropping all around him again.

So you push things off until the next winter, at which point maybe some things will be tackled, but probably not.  And the cycle repeats.

At some point you realize how tired you are of all this crap.  Maybe it’s your Minimalist Gene that ‘s been dormant for awhile.  And once you start the process, you realize how much better you feel by lightening your load, spiritually as well as physically.  Like clearing the decks for whatever is coming next in your life, whatever that may be.

Seems strange how sometimes the most enjoyment you get out of something that’s been lying around is giving it away.  And that’s just on the physical, tangible realm.

Makes you wish getting rid of stale ideas and concepts in our mind was as easy as a trip to the dumpster or Goodwill Store..


One thought on “Get Out Of The Funk, Get Rid Of The Junk

  1. So many projects unfinished, so much superfluous junk lying around. I buy things at thrift shops and a year later donate it back. I love to cull the herd of clutter and have very few things I’m really attached to. My partner is a different story—I could not be trusted with access to a bulldozer.

    Yes, wish we could demolish all the plagues in our minds, crush them into rubble and release ourselves from their hold. We wouldn’t want to pass them on though, an incinerator would be ideal.

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