You Know You Are Out of The Loop When….

People who are listed as being on Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People don’t even ring a bell with you. Peter Vesterbacka? Rob Bell? Blake Lively? If I have to Google you, how can you be influential?
OK…to end the suspense, Peter Vestabacka developed the game “Angry Birds”. Feeling influenced yet? Not sure how shooting birds out of a rubber band at pigs to score points is going to change Western society, but there you have it. Rob Bell is apparently the preacher-du-jour for the evangelical set, so it’s no surprise I haven’t heard of him. Blake Lively is some young actress on a show I don’t watch that sounds as vapid as her name. I can’t even tell actresses apart anymore, they all weigh 85 pounds and look like they are 12 years old, for the most part.
I first knew how far from the cutting edge of entertainment I was when I started leaving “Entertainment Tonight” on while waiting for the only show I do watch regularly, “Big Bang Theory”. Two hosts that I don’t know effuse about numerous other people I’ve never heard of who claim to be celebrities.
I thought you had to actually be known and recognized in order to claim celebrity status?
At any rate, at my age as long as I still recognize myself in the mirror in the morning I’m doing pretty good. And looking at the list of Influential People, the longer I am able to go without their influencing the better off I’ll be. Still leaves one with the vague sense that life is passing you by, however.
In the meantime, guess I’ll just put another Perry Como LP (vinyl, of course) on the “record player” (remember those?). The Early Bird Special will be starting at the local buffet soon………..


3 thoughts on “You Know You Are Out of The Loop When….

  1. Hilarious! I know what you mean. I’m the same way when I don’t know the name of the song versus the name of the band. The other morning I finally heard a snippet of a song on the radio and it was Justin Bieber – the famed and possibly influential Justin Bieber – the first time for me. People would be shocked to know that! (You do know who Justin Bieber is, don’t you?). 🙂

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