Class, Today’s Theme is……

I’m looking around for a new theme. WordPress Theme, that is. Although some other themes in life could use some changing as well! I actually was going to try and bite off hacking together my own custom theme, but between having to set up a fake webserver on my machine just to play with it, then dealing with MySQL, PHP, Apache, and a couple other acronyms I threw in the towel for now.
This current theme is kind of simple and boring, so it obviously is too much a reflection of the author! And I find that no matter what theme I pick, I get bored with it after a while anyway, so maybe too many choices isn’t a good thing. It adds to the overall ADHD of the web.
I’m in the process of learning HTML/XHTML and CSS anyway, and from what I can see it’s is probably simpler to hand code a basic site of the type I’m envisioning anway. The WordPress templates are neat, but the problem is, well, they always have that WordPress template-y look.
So what do you think, readers? Know any hot new themes out there that are catching your eye?


4 thoughts on “Class, Today’s Theme is……

  1. I like your site! I find the busy ones distracting. This one is clean and very easy to read. Have you even been to a site where the page bounces up and down a bit before it settles? It’s nauseating! Some sites have type that is way too screened back grey or too small. I’m also not crazy about reverse type, white on black. Great for artwork and advertising but not for reader-friendly text. I like the keep it simple method. It’s all about the words.

  2. Basic Maths ( caught my eye last week as I was also trawling for new themes, and I’ve seen some neat web sites based around the Genesis theme too.

    They are however, out of my league as I’m not hosting and can only tinker with the outer wrapper/column width specs so far.

    Also I’m a blogger girl at heart 🙂

    • I did look at Basic Maths….but like you I am not hosting yet, will probably not change much until I decide to host my own. Might even move up to a Premium theme then! I do like the option Blogger gives you to at least put some ads up right away. This simple, readable theme seems to do the trick for now, since my posts are mainly text.
      Thanks for visiting!

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