Enough of the Royal Treatment

Seems you can’t turn on a TV channel or read a newspaper without hearing all the gory details of the upcoming wedding of the Good Prince and his main squeeze Kate. Since Sunday afternoon TV programming in my area is sadly lacking unless you are into infomercials or TV preachers I ended up watching a marathon that the local PBS station had about the Royal family.

My knowledge of the British Monarchy is pretty spotty. Like most Americans, there’s something that just rubs me the wrong way about dynasties, whether they are the Windsors, the Bushes, or the Kennedy’s. But as a brand, you have to hand it to the Monarchy – they do know how to keep their marketing current and give the folks what they want.

You could do a lot worse than to apply their techniques to business today. They know the lure of nostalgia, so that no matter how bad things are now, they can sell the glorious past, or the imagined glorious past. Much like some groups in America would like to return to the “good old days” today.

They also know how to keep their brand free of taint, for the most part. Even if you marry in, you better just stand there and look regal when the occasion calls for it. Just because you married the Queen don’t make you the King! Plus, by not actually having any real governing power they never get involved in the messiness of having a real job.

And unlike in America, when the Idiot Brother wants to take his place at the top, if he’s not fit they can generally find a Governor Generalship on some palmy isle so that will keep him happy and not ruin the brand.

Branding…it’s the difference between being seen as Royalty or a Welfare Family!

I wish the future King well, and feel sorry for his little red-headed brother, because it seems he’s always going to be an also-ran, no matter what he does.


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