Enough of E-readers?

Saw an interesting news item today, in that certain tech pundits are already starting to sound the death knell of some e-readers, like Kindle, Nook, etc.  Just as I was thinking about getting one!

I love tech stuff, but am not a classic “early adopter”, to use the marketeers phrase.  I’ve seen too many of the “early” iterations of things try to force their own proprietary technology down our throats.  I’ll wait until the industry standardizes, then get what everyone else has when it’s cheap!

The tablet platform is supposedly taking over the space the e-readers occupied.  Which makes sense.  People want a piece of hardware that is multi-purpose.  Why just get a device for books when you can get one that does books and “Angry Birds” as well?

I’ve got a couple of hundred “real” books that I need to read before I move on to anything else.  What I find kind of sad is that some of the old, out-of-print stuff I’ve picked up at used book stores and library sales will never see the light of day in the Brave New World of ebooks.  Unless someone cares enough to digitize them.

As someone who reads and writes I’ve been paying attention to ebook developments, since I think it will change they way we communicate.  Books will no longer really ever go “out of print” as long as they exist on a server somewhere.  And regardless of where that is, it will be accessible to all.

Try finding something at your local Barnes and Noble other than “Oprah” books.   Try finding a Borders Books that is still in business.

Amazon was the first wave, and once we get the user interface and technology straightened out, universal access to cheap books will be the next shift.   Students won’t get screwed on buying textbooks anymore!  And literally everyone will be a publisher.  Which will result in an overwhelming amount of crap, so maybe the job of “editor” won’t disappear as completely as people think it will.

I think it’s an exciting time.   And the most exciting things of all are probably the changes we can’t even imagine yet.

What is your impression?  Anyone out there a Kindle fanatic, or a Nook Kook? (It doesn’t rhyme, I know, but the words look cool together!)


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