Support Your Local Eccentric

As a society, I’m afraid we are running low on Eccentric people.  Oh sure, there are plenty of dangerous, and just plain strange people around, but I mean true Eccentrics, with a capital “E”.  People who express their uniqueness in positive, creative ways we don’t always appreciate right away because it’s just too far out there.

My own hero of Eccentricity is Ed Leedskalnin, who created Coral Castle.  I used to live not far from there, and visited the place several times, puzzled by just how he accomplished what he did.  Especially in South Florida, where you break a sweat just changing stations on your car radio.

To this day, nobody knows how he did it.  Huge, monolithic slabs of stone placed as accurately as building blocks.  A 9-ton gate so perfectly balanced that a child could push it open.  And all without any special tools or heavy equipment.

Ed was one weird dude, no doubt about it.  But we need people like this around.  As the hammer of convention works our society into dull uniformity, we need a few dings and high spots to give us that handcrafted look.

It’s kind of a goal of mine to be an Eccentric.  Despite being handicapped with a very average background, over the years I’ve managed to progress to Different, then Kinda Weird, on to my present level of Freakin’ Oddball.  In a few years, I’m hopeful of attaining Batshit Crazy on my way to the pinnacle, true Eccentricity.

Statistics tells us that if you plot the characteristics of a normal distribution, you’ll end up with the infamous Bell Curve.  In the big hump in the middle of it, everybody is kind of the same.

That’s why I am shooting for the far tails of the curve.  It’s less crowded and the people are more interesting!


4 thoughts on “Support Your Local Eccentric

  1. Good for you!

    Your post reminded me of an Eccentric, I suppose, in the southeastern region of British Columbia where I grew up. A man built his house out of embalming fluid bottles. It was – and is – known as the glass house.

    I think that qualifies. Yes?

  2. Hi Harry, does being the old lady with who feeds all the stray cats count? That’s where I’m headed.

    Eccentricity without causing harm is an admirable trait—yes much more interesting. I have sought them out my whole life. Batshit crazy, not so much—we have plenty of them around here and they’re just plain batshit crazy. So maybe you want to skip that step and head on over to eccentric. Good luck on your journey, you’re almost there!

    • Cats have depended on those ladies for years, so you’ll definitely be filling a need in the feline world. Maybe “batshit crazy” isn’t the best description of what I’m looking for – just kinda like the way it sounds! Hope you’ll continue to keep an eye on me and let me know when I qualify for Eccentric status!

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