Blogal Warming

Back when I more voraciously perused the blogosphere, I stumbled upon some of the more popular “minimalism” blogs.  At first, the core idea appealed to me – and still does.  I just went back and revisited some of the blogs that I could remember, and see they are still going full speed.

Closely aligned with this concept is the “lifestyle” business.  I’m not currently up to speed on the hipper aspects of it, but from what I can divine this movement consists of pumping re-warmed self-help B.S. into the atmosphere at a rate that will enable you to live out of a backpack and travel to Thailand like the cool kids do.  Or anywhere else that allows you to subsist on $4 a day.  Call me greedy, but my idea of a “lifestyle” business is one that, I don’t know, allows you to have a First World lifestyle.  I’ll take Paris and clean sheets over a hostel in Bangkok and a dirt floor.   Guess I’m spiritually corrupted that way.

And now I see I’ve missed the “World Domination Summit” in (where else) Portland.  In doing a little investigating, I see that something like this could be a great first step toward those champagne wishes and caviar dreams.  I see that roughly 500 people are signed up, at $300 bucks a pop, from what I can tell.  Since the Summit itself largely seems to consist of various bloggers pitching their schtick to each other,  I’m assuming there aren’t any paid performers.  It appears to be a self entertaining crowd.

From the Portland Art Museum website, I’m estimating you can rent out banquet/conference rooms at the rate of $2000 bucks for a 4-hour period, or 4 grand a day.  I’m going to assume this will take about 3 rooms, but let’s be generous and say you booked 4 rooms solid for the weekend.

$150,000 large – (4 rooms X $4,000/day) = Tidy sum after overhead of $134,000.   Assuming some other miscellaneous overhead, I still see clearing in excess of $100K  for a meeting of people who are probably going to be Twittering each other instead of talking face to face.  I don’t see much else lined up for entertainment that isn’t the pay-as-you go variety.

Not bad for a weekend’s work!

Don’t get me wrong, this is just good old entrepreneurship at it’s finest.  It shows the power of marketing in it’s ability to sell us, well, marketing.



4 thoughts on “Blogal Warming

  1. Yep. It’s hype. But hype works. People need other people and something bigger than themselves to feel good about. It’s the cool factor at work. And the cool factor works. Even when you haven’t got a product to sell per se. But you do have a dream [in this case a lifestyle] that you’re willing to share in 450 easy to follow steps. The catch of course is that the true entrepreneur has to be willing to go where nobody else has been before and that’s where it gets tricky for all who are signed up. There’s just too many of them out there. And they all have the exact same map LOL

    Yep I’d take Paris and clean sheets as well.

    Good topic Harry 🙂

    • I’m way behind the curve when it comes to cool factor! It is interesting to see what short half-lives some of this stuff has, and how the same fluff just keeps on regenerating. There truly is an unlimited market in something to believe in.

  2. What is a minimalism blog? One who just writes a few lines? This would be fine with me if only they had something to say I could relate to.

    I really cannot stand self-help blogs. The problem with them is they assume you are already on the path and need them to “coach” you. BS is right.

    I’m not clear on what World Domination Summit is all about, but it sounds a lot like Burning Man. It’s considered just too cool, at $320 a ticket.

    • I guess one big difference between this World Domination Summit and Burning Man is that at the WDS cash is VERY acceptable! (My understanding of Burning Man is that no money really changes hands -once you are there!)

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