Interlude With Reality

Just realized I hadn’t posted anything here in a few days – time does fly when you’re away from an LCD screen!   Had a first round of pseudo-summer enjoyable weather here and have been spending time renewing my acquaintance with fresh air, lakes, and a relatively novel experience of using my legs to propel myself across the face of the earth, as opposed to just using them to scoot an office chair around behind a desk.

Made me realize how much of a rut we can get into.  There’s a tendency to keep hammering at the same things without stopping to consider why you are doing them.  Even if you pick up the same tools again, you at least get a refreshed perspective.

Kind of like the “filter bubble” that I’ve read about lately with regard to Google and social media.  Since your preferences are tracked, pretty soon you are only exposed to results that are pretty similar to what you’ve investigated before.  Seems that’s a waste of a lot of perfectly good Internet!

It’s better to be exposed to it all…..the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Because that’s the way things are in reality.  Or should be.  One of the other scary things I’ve noticed when out and about is how many people devote a good deal of their attention to some sort of electronic device in an almost constant manner.  It’s a pity when people don’t pay attention to the trees, flowers and birds of the air we’ve been blessed with and choose to live in a simulated world of their own imagining.

Like an explorer, you really can’t see what’s ahead unless you climb to the high ground and look out at the far vistas.  The view is pretty limited when your head is stuck up your own butt.


2 thoughts on “Interlude With Reality

  1. Hi Harry, catching up here. I didn’t know the filter bubble was by design and had a name, but I have noticed articles popping up recently that concern me in a very tangential way, like it’s been sorted by a computer, which indeed it has, by algorithms to be exact.

    I search thousands of concepts, words, ideas, etc., and don’t like a machine “helping” me one bit, thank you very much. I don’t want to be bubbled, and they can’t possibly know what personally interests me. The use of personal information in any web application is pretty creepy.

    If we want to filter what we read, we can perfectly well do it ourselves. This is one more example of pressing people to read only what reinforces what they already believe without ever reading opposing views. It makes us all dumber. We must resist!

    But if Facebook users complain, they’re getting what they deserve because to me it’s just a big stalking service.

  2. Hi Deb – I know you’ve had more than your hands full out there with the fires, glad you still found time to visit here. Once you become aware of it, you do notice how you are “bubbled”, geo-located, and sliced and diced digitally in so many ways.
    Most of us want the Net to widen our world, not narrow it. How do we really know what we believe in if we aren’t exposed to it’s opposite? If nothing else, it sharpens our arguments!

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