I Have Seen The Future….And It’s Really Expensive

and I hope it works a lot better than the past did.

I enjoy technology – but when it comes to cell/smart phones…I am a total Luddite.  I use my cell phone so little that about a year and a half ago I switched to a pre-paid plan and saved a bundle by not having a monthly bill for minutes I didn’t use.

I guess this lack of phone-worship stems from the fact that when I was part of the smart crowd and out doing interesting things worth talking about cell phones didn’t exist.  So I never got in the habit of updating my status constantly while at the grocery store, or driving to work, or just having a drink.  And now that I’m old, I don’t care what anybody else’s status is.  I can wait to talk to them when they get back from the grocery store.

I had to go throw some new minutes on the old phone yesterday.  I think my total cell phone tab for 2011 so far is like 60 bucks.  While I was at the Verizon minute-store I looked around at the Wall of Wonder Phones they had there.  It wasn’t that busy, so I actually got a chance to chat with the sales rep about what was there.

I looked at the Ipad, the Xoom, and wondered why people were so excited about something named the Droid Bionic.  The name alone gives you pause, like we can”t wait to turn into the Borg.

When I converted all this technology back into something I understand – dollars – I could see just what a bonanza these things were for the data carriers.  Because if you do the math:

1.  I am stuck with my expensive DSL service for my computers at home.  Face it, it’s not like we can go back to dial up, and computers HAVE to be connected for updates and any other task other than printing a letter.  As the phone company has a monopoly – it’s not like I can choose from several high-speed ISP’s in the area – I”m screwed in excess of 100 bucks a month there.

2.  The wireless network and these devices are not an able substitute for a “real” computer with a high speed connection.  Data use is capped.  Stream a few Youtube videos and you’ve used up your bandwidth for the month.

3.  Ipso facto, you have to spring for them both if you really want to utilize the technology.  Which means in excess of 200 bucks a month just to connect up to the “world”.  I remember when that was a car payment!

The only solution, for me, is to wait until the computers I have at home are so totally outdated that they are museum-worthy.  Then junk them, disconnect the DSL, and jump into whatever wireless platform exists at the time.  One that has a phone, camera, Internet access and barber shop.  And only pay ONE access fee – or if possible, pay as you go on that too!

Because for all the expense and my Luddite attitude, I have to admit – those Ipads are pretty slick!!!!


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