Things Used To Be Beautiful….

Just thought I’d bring back some of the past with this post about the “lost art of cartography”.   Most people will remember the fun little novelty maps that various tourist traps destinations use to have.   Here’s a link to an artist that is bringing  back hand-drawn maps.

Thought it was appropriate for the holiday weekend with so many people hitting the road.  Well, those that can afford to still hit the road with gas prices, anyway.  The interesting thing about some of these old maps is that they convey information much more quickly than representing things in the ultra-detailed way we are used to.  It allows you to lock the important parts in memory and add the details as you encounter them.

And besides, even with something this utilitarian, doesn’t hand-drawn stuff look neat?  There’s an energy to it you just don’t feel with the computer-generated graphics we see every day.


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