What Is “It”

Not long ago a lady from a neighboring town died while attending a “sweat lodge” event put on by a self help guru.  You can read more about it here, if you want.   Aside from the obvious tragedy for those who perished and their families, it makes you think about just what people are seeking in this and other pursuits.

What are we looking for?  How will we know when we find it?  Why is it so difficult to come by, especially if it supposedly exists “inside” our very being?  If we find it, how do we hang onto it every day of our lives?

People have tried churches, cults, money, drugs, diets and countless other things and all have been found wanting.  Yet so many continue to seek that it makes you wonder if the goal – the “it” we are looking for – even exists.

According to what the various paths promise us, there seem to be two components to the “it” that so many seek to find.

1.  There should be an instantaneous flash of “enlightenment”, or “salvation”, or whatever the particular “a-ha!” moment is called.  We want to be boosted immediately to some higher dimension in which to operate, forever changed.

2.  Once we reach this enhanced state, all the minor irritants of our day-to-day life drop away.  The rough edges of our personalities are worn smooth and charming.  We glide through life in an altered state because now we are in the “know” of The Thing That Makes It All Work.  As such, we are envied by lesser beings that haven’t gotten their quantum charge yet.

If you examine those two premises, I think you’ll see the answer as to why so many never find it.  Life can turn on a dime, but it usually doesn’t for most people.  And when it does, it means that there’s usually been some internal rearranging happening over time operating behind the scenes, so the “turn” isn’t as dramatic for the person involved.

And life is lived day to day.  All those minor irritants that we don’t want to deal with still happen.  I’d guess the Dalai Lama’s limo still gets a flat tire from time to time.  Nobody is immune to the ups and downs of life, because that IS life.

We can’t hide the parts we don’t want to deal with.  And we aren’t suddenly going to be boosted to some higher mental plane.  So in that case I think that “It” is what man has universally sought for thousands of years – the Easy Way Out.

And that has always been elusive.  But if you find it, let me know – I’ve been looking for it for a long time……


3 thoughts on “What Is “It”

  1. Hi Harry, I have read many “self-help” books in my life looking for answers. All those books ended up at the thrift shop, I hope they helped somebody because they sure didn’t help me. Many of them oversimplify “belief in yourself.” That’s all fine until the sh*t hits the fan. The only thing we really can do is try to get over it the best we can, wait for time to heal, and carry on.

    There is no magic “It.” If there was, “It” would help me find a decent job and pay off these damn credit cards.

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