Livin’ Life The Warehouse Way!

I don’t know about you, but I love shopping at the local Costco store….you might have your own favorite warehouse emporium too.  I think I’ve developed a new philosophy of life based on shopping warehouse-store style…..

Say you are having a few friends over for a friendly grill-out/BBQ type party.  Where else are you gonna go to get some hot dogs and hamburgers for the feast?  So you hop on over to the local warehouse store, grab your over-sized cart, and away you go!

On your way over to the meat department, you see they have cool Tommy Bahama shirts 10 bucks cheaper than you can get them anywhere else.  You’re gonna look pretty good in one of those at the grill!  In the cart it goes.

You pick up the hotdogs and hamburgers (with a few extra for good measure).  After all, don’t wanna run out.  By the hot dogs a food sampler gave you a taste of some new relish, so now you’ve got a 2 pound jar of that too.  Mere steps away they are practically giving away watermelons so you grab one.

Starting to head toward the checkout, you come across Seafood Extravaganza!  Look at the price on those scallops!  You don’t know how to cook a scallop, but you can’t let a deal like this go…maybe you can put some relish on ’em.  Continuing on past the liquor department, you remember your friends are some thirsty folks, so you’d better pick up some 1.75 liter screw top booze and a case of beer.  After all, don’t wanna run out.

Man, the deals!  You start thinking about one special guest at the party…hmmm…wonder is this is the night?  Better grab that 24-pack of men’s briefs – don’t want to get caught with your old dingy skivvies if the magic happens.  Can always use some new shorts…after all, don’t wanna run out.

You hit the checkout on what was to be a quick $30 trip to the store, and the total comes to $248.78.  But that’s OK – you needed all this.  Don’t wanna run out.

After you check out, it’s too bad you have to get those fresh scallops home before they go bad, because the Optical Department has a 2fer deal on some sunglasses that look like they were designed to go with that Tommy Bahama shirt!  No time for an eye exam, though.

So you head home with your loot.  You feel great.  Your need for both security and indulgence has been met, in a utilitarian/peasant sort of way.  After all, you aren’t buying yachts and vacation homes here – just everyday stuff you need.  You don’t wanna run out.

You have enough relish to pass on to your heirs, and after they bury you they’ll still find 6 pairs of underwear you never even got around to wearing.

Maybe this is the approach we should take to life.  It’s great to have your initial reason for the trip, but be open to all the great deals out there that are waiting to be discovered.  Fill your Cart Of Life Experience with all the things you can.

Especially since, unlike a regular shopping trip, in our life we only get to enter Life’s Great Warehouse once.  No repeat trips if you’ve forgotten something.  When they hand you your receipt at the end, that’s it.  Unlike the earthly store, there aren’t any returns or exchanges at the Final Retailer.

So when you push your cart into the Great Parking Lot In The Sky, make sure it is heaping with all you ever wanted.  After all, don’t wanna run out……


One thought on “Livin’ Life The Warehouse Way!

  1. What a post, Man! Makes me want to grab my cart and fill it up. But then it would be better slow! A beautiful analogy to something called ‘life’. This brought a smile 🙂

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