Wow! On The Flying Of Time

Hadn’t realized just how long it has been since I managed to post something here….thought I’d missed a few days, and it has been a lot longer than that!   Have been re-engaging with the physical world – I’ve noticed that a lot of the folks I follow have been a little slower to the keyboard lately, which I hope means they’ve been having some interesting adventures of their own.

But we are back at it now.  I think it’s time for a re-design of the place, I’d like to add more photos now that I’ve finally managed to get somewhat of a handle on dealing with the camera I bought a few months back.  Winter in Minnesota is not exactly an environment that makes you feel like going out and snapping pics of your local surroundings.  But now that it’s summer it is a lot more fun to get out and about, and well, sometimes it’s tough to get back inside.

Like most of my housekeeping-type projects, the thinking about and dreading phase usually outweighs the actual effort expended by about 5 to 1.  Once I do something I wonder what the hell the fuss was about.

Since I only have a handful of subscribers you know you’re all precious to me!  So thanks for hanging in there and I will be back at ya, starting now!



4 thoughts on “Wow! On The Flying Of Time

    • Thanks, Deb…been following what you’ve been going through down there, and I have to agree – the Big Bend country of Texas sounds good! Just saw a little blurb on a placed called Marfa down there…looks nice and eclectic!

  1. Great to see you Harry 🙂 So “get” the real world engagement… especially for you guys as it’s summer over there. It’s winter here. But here in the tropics that just means we get lovely days of sunshine and fresh breezes. It’s pretty nice. Anyway… just wanted to say I’m with Find An Outlet… would love to see pics of Minnesota [even in winter time – we don’t get snow here – and if we ever did it’d sure put a bend in that hockey stick] LOL

    • Hi Jean – I know down by you winter just means it goes from “nice” to “really nice”! I know the text-only type thing only goes so far, so I’m looking forward to adding some pics of to make things a little more enjoyable. Part of the problem is I’m a Photoshop noob so am jumping that learning curve as well!

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