How Would You Answer This Question?

I think this shows that the “eternal verities” never change.  And I’m also glad that this old footage is still available to us today.


3 thoughts on “How Would You Answer This Question?

  1. Oh, that we had more of Bertrand Russel in today’s world. That, an a lot more atheists who are tolerated by the vast majority of “believers.”

    Thanks for stinging a light on a wonderful clip. Amazing it exists and that it’s around to be shared (there’s a good thing about YouTube).

    • I guess this is the part of the tech world that excites me…Youtube, in addition to allowing us to waste huge amounts of time, also lets us see footage of things we didn’t even know were caught on film.
      Glad to hear things on the island are coming along….guess if your well-digger doesn’t show you’ll be grabbing a shovel!

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