I Loved Lucy

Seeing as how even Google has jumped on Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday, I couldn’t let the day go by without commenting on it!

Mainly, I wonder what it is about Lucy, (and Ricky) that has kept these people on TV for 60 years?  Why do we never seem to tire of them?  When current shows barely make it out of the gate or don’t hold up in syndication, what’s the secret, and shouldn’t today’s crop of TV producers be learning some lessons?

I remember how huge “Seinfeld” was during the 90’s.  Nobody missed it on Thursday nights, and the jokes would be rehashed at work the next day.  I see it now in re-runs and wonder “why did we think this was so cool?”.  It seems slow, too wordy, and kind of juvenile.  The characters don’t seem like adults.

Entire tomes have probably been written, dissecting the “I Love Lucy” show and what made it tick, so no use to go into that here.  All I know is just hearing the theme music jolts me back to my childhood, and it was already probably in it’s second or third rehash then.  Plus shows like this have got to serve as great tools for cultural anthropologists, in the way they offer a glimpse back into what homes looked like then.

Kids today probably wonder why that phone is so huge and why you can’t walk around with it, and what’s with all the cords?  Where are all the stainless steel appliances?  Do Lucy, Ricky and Little Ricky really live in a place that small?

Lucille Ball was an amazing comedic talent, and probably one of the smartest businesswomen of her generation.  She pioneered a new media form and became a cultural icon.

So Happy 100th, Lucy – you got no ‘splainin’ to do for all that you accomplished.


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