Blog Length And Other Miscellany

If you’re like me, you probably check out Freshly Pressed…it’s how I’ve discovered most of the blogs I follow.  And it certainly shows all the ways there are to skin a cat, so to speak.

One thing I ponder over is blog length.  I find in a text-heavy environment, I’m good for about one scroll-down, unless the body of the post is broken up with pictures or the author shows at least a nodding acquaintance with the use of the paragraph.  Most of the style-type stuff I’ve read about posting in electronic media seem to bear out a general sense that the shorter, the better.

Of course, the style of the theme figures into all this as well.  The style I have now is pretty narrow, so paragraphs tend to look longer, even if they are only two sentences.

So I’m always a little amazed that so many people will really post at what I’d call extreme length when it comes to their blogs.  I tend to get started on a story and about the time my mouse-wheel overheats I’m wondering if there’s a salient point to all this, or if it is just a narrative that goes on forever.

Maybe my attention span is just getting shorter, but there’s so much to explore online that I find myself tending to move on once the rhythm is lost.  Which reminds me to tighten up my writing (and get on to the next point!)

Comments…..I notice some of the same names posting comments on just about every Freshly Pressed blog I read.   A good way to build blog kharma, but unless something strikes me as noteworthy I’m just reiterating what others have said.

Even with all the SEO and traffic-driving things that exist, I still think the best advertising is word-of-keyboard, so to speak.  If someone subscribes, and tells someone else who checks you out, you’ll slowly build an audience.  I tend to check out other peoples blogrolls.  I need to tune mine up to include some of the good reads I’ve found.

Well, I’m hitting my self-imposed scroll limitation, so……..tell me what you think!



6 thoughts on “Blog Length And Other Miscellany

  1. I wrote a post about my Freshly Pressed experience because to be honest it was stressful. Most of the people who wrote comments (there were hundreds) were people who write the same congratulatory comments on all FP’d posts—it’s blatant self-promotion and it really turned me off. Some just linked to their blogs, some were trying to sell something, but most were just lame comments—I don’t think they even read the post. Then there was the whole hardcore Islamic blog thing linking to FP’d posts to attract attention…I reported them and WP shut them down almost immediately but I’m sure they just started again under another name—people should look to see where their pingbacks end up!

    I’m not that impressed with FP blogs. So many cooking and travel posts it’s like WP doesn’t want to feature anything at all controversial.

    About length, yeah 500 words but I go over it myself sometimes. None of us really have time to read 1000 word posts…most are overwritten or religious dogma.

    The very best of blogging comes from people who find you through other blogs, comments, or searching a tag. When I have time I love to tag search—I’ll leave a short comment and if they respond I’ve often found a friend! Takes time though!

    • Tags are something I’m probably missing the boat on….thanks for bringing that up! And I wondered why so many cooking and travel posts show up! I was beginning to wonder if THAT many people just blogged about those subjects. I went through the same spam issue you did, and took down my original blog because of it. At that time, I was getting a relatively large number of hits daily but it was all crap. That problem seems to have disappeared, thankfully – I haven’t even seen the mean-comment spam bots show up lately, so I’m thinking WordPress is having some success weeding these trolls out.

  2. I suspect my blog entries are “too long” but I’ve decided to try get into a rhythm of about one every couple of weeks on my somewhat esoteric topics.

    On the other hand, given that they’re so specific to a business topic, I hope that the few people who do come around are repeat visitors and get something out of it for their own purposes.

    It’s true, though, that I’ve tried to shorten them, or carve them into multiple postings, and definitely put in an image that is somehow metaphorically related to the topic!

    • You are probably right, Darren – the people coming to your blog are looking for more than the average blog surfer is. I’m guessing that in the near future we’ll see formats that are more newspaper- and magazine-like and will support longer, in-depth articles.
      And this is the Internet…..nothing is esoteric! Thanks for your comment and visit…..

  3. I agree with the “One Scroll Rule,” I usually stick to 700 – 800 words with at least one photo, but hopefully more – and it’s best if the photo is something I took or directly related to the post. So, I guess I agree with the rule, but I don’t follow it. A lot of my current drafts start incredibly small and grow into something too beastly, and then they sit. Waiting for revisions that may never come…

    • It is hard to fight blog “creep”, especially on a day when you really feel like writing….I’m trying to incorporate more pics/graphics into things, now that I’ve been wandering around with a camera a little bit more. Thanks for the comment, Chris!

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