Man In Molasses

As the title might suggest, I’m feeling kind of stuck.  Maybe you know the feeling.

Knowing you’ve got to let go of some old things, but not sure what you are going to be grabbing hold of next.  The decision point, some might call it.

Taking inventory of your life, you realize you are in kind of an overstock condition.  Maybe it’s time for a fire sale, but you aren’t sure what you are going to get rid of.   And since you aren’t sure what new stuff you are going to be getting, you hit a kind of stasis.

Some things wear out, long before we are ready to let go of them emotionally.  Kind of like the stuffed animals you had as a child that you carried around until they were threadbare.  Maybe one day it finally fell apart, or somebody took it away and gave you a new one, and you moved on.

As an adult, we don’t often get that kind of intervention from the outside.  We’ll keep dragging things around long after all the “stuffing” has fallen out.  If we are lucky, once we see something new and appealing we’ll naturally just lay down part of the past and move on.

But to get rid of things we identified with before we have something new on the horizon is to kind of negate ourselves.  If we don’t have that THING – that relationship, that hobby, that career – then who and what are we?

As I get older, I realize that time acts on us like packing our luggage for an trip by air.  You can’t take everything – just the things you’ll really need.  If you take much more than that, you’d better be prepared to pay the “extra baggage” fee. Which is substantial.

And just like packing for an airline trip, as you project into the future, you can come up with all kinds of scenarios that require you to have everything!  Better take that extra jacket in case it’s cold.  Better take 3 toothbrushes in case I forget one.  Better take this, or that, just in case………

Or you can take the minimum and just see what happens.  If you need more, chances are you can pick it up as you need it.

I realize the latter approach is the healthier one, but defeating that small voice in the back of your head that says “better do this just in case…….”

That’s the tough part.



5 thoughts on “Man In Molasses

  1. Harry I hear you. Man in Molasses sounds so funny… but it’s such a good description for being stuck [grin] I think sometimes we can be too sure of things. Too certain [and too reliant] on what was. What is… and what will be are far more important. I’m seeing that now. It’s not always smooth sailing… but in setting our sails… at least we let go of the shore.

    Great topic Harry. Maybe you’re not as stuck as you think you might be 🙂

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