Flour-y Prose

Was down in the old milling district of Minneapolis the other day.  Took some pictures of the industrial past alongside the modern that are kind of interesting – I hope!

Guthrie The-a-tuh

This IKEA-looking building is the new Guthrie Theater.  British director Tyrone Guthrie started the original Guthrie Theater here in the 60’s, and this post-modern looking building is the latest incarnation.  Purposefully uglified to match the industrial surroundings.

Father of The Waters

This is the Mighty Mississip’, the only reason anything here started in the first place.  This is how the original St. Anthony Falls looks today, in it’s hydro-engineered glory.  The original falls that powered the Industrial Age here have been civil-engineered into this present controllable form.

As I mentioned in this post, Minneapolis was the milling and flour-production capital of the world for quite some time, largely due to the St. Anthony Falls here on the Mississippi.  Most people would be surprised to learn there is still a significant amount of barge traffic headin’ down the Big Muddy to New Orleans, just like in Mark Twain’s day.

Ka-Boom!  What is left of an old millAbove is the Mill City Museum, and that ruin of a stone building isn’t due to lack of maintenance….it’s the result of an explosion that blew the upper part of the building sky high.  Fine grain dust suspended in air makes a pretty potent explosive mix if something should touch it off.   You can see the newer part of the complex in the back.

These ruins are probably from the 1870’s or so, I wonder how that glass building will fare in that many years?

Will post more in continued chapters, just was picking through the pictures I took that day and thought I’d start with these!


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