The Travelogue Continues…..

Thought I’d continue on with telling you more than you ever wanted to know about Minneapolis!

The white span you see in the distance  is the “new” 35W bridge spanning the Mississippi.  4 years ago, it looked like this.  It collapsed during the evening rush hour on August 1, 2007, killing 13 people.  And becoming a poster child for America’s decaying infrastructure.  This one will hopefully be around a while.

As mentioned in the previous post, this used to be where it all happened, industry-wise, in Minneapolis.  From a historical marker, here is what the area looked like during it’s heyday.

Back in the day- a hub of activity

The curving railroad bridge in the center of the picture is the one I’m standing on.  It hasn’t collapsed yet, and probably never will.

It is kind of fun to poke around this old industrial archaeology.  It puts our own times in perspective, when you realize how many people spent their lives and careers working in these places, day by day, year after year, just like we do.  And a reminder that time claims us all, eventually.

Someday everything we do in our various glass-walled office buildings or however else we spend our days will just be a depression in the ground somewhere, or a remnant of a wall, and probably not as substantial as this stuff.

Pretty quiet now

The above is Main St. today…not exactly the hub of activity it used to be.  Pillsbury still occupies the buildings to the right with their offices and research center, so I like to think of it as where this little guy goes to work everyday….

Even Doughboys gotta make a livin'



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