Freshly (De)Pressed

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a mild depression overcomes me whenever I peruse the “Freshly Pressed” pages on WordPress.

Everybody is not only younger, but seems to be traveling to exciting places, some of which I’d have no desire to go to even if I had known about them.  Most seem to be excellent photographers.

Many seem to be excellent cooks, and post pictures of their creations that make my mouth water.  Anything I made that looked that good would generally be eaten before I had time to reach for a camera.  After all, that’s what you made it for.

The pictures of their cute kids in adorable poses even makes me nervous about reproduction.  I’d have to marry Miss Universe to get a shot at having kids that look that good.

Then there is a level of literary and cinematic criticism that would make the New York Times Arts and Leisure section look like the local Pennysaver classified-ads rag.  I can barely remember the last movie I saw, and some of these folks seem to remember everything they’ve ever seen, complete with dialogue and cinematography.

It reminds me of the television shows and advertisements of days gone by.  Even though the people in them were supposed to be “average”, their lives were nothing like my own.  Their lives never seemed to have any normal routine, nobody went to work, or if they did, they never seemed to be fatigued by it like the people I knew.

Of course these shows (and the commercials that sponsored them) were based in magical places like Los Angeles and New York, while my day to day existence in a dingy mill town in Wisconsin just never seemed to have the pizazz of TV-land.

I suspect the blogosphere is the same way.  People tend to want to present the sanitized version of themselves, the one that is scrubbed up and wearing their good shoes.

But I kind of like the “real”, which is hard to find.  The people who tell about their failures, the amiably pissed-off, those who reveal something of their real lives beyond just the mundane.

I’d rather read about somebody’s struggles and triumphs in the everyday world than about someone’s backpacking trip to Thailand.  The former is a unique trip, while the latter is usually just a hipster doing what the other hipsters do.

Everybody has a story to tell, why do so many people want to tell the same one?



4 thoughts on “Freshly (De)Pressed

  1. Not sure Harry. Maybe it has something to do with putting your best foot forward? Who knows. I take your point though and have wondered the same thing myself. I guess we can take heart from the fact that no life is without its consequences [trials burdens and ugly bits] it’s just that some people are more inclined to share only the good stuff. I often joke about how nice it would be to live in a Nancy Meyers set. In Nancy’s world there are flowers everywhere… no 9 to 5 no washing up and never an unmade bed. But even there … when the shoot is over… everyone gets to pack up and go home [grin] What was it Buddha said? Before enlightenment… carrying water chopping wood. After enlightenment… carrying water chopping wood. Life is real for all of us [some perhaps more so than others LOL]

    • True, Jean. There’s another quote I’ve always enjoyed, but not attributable to Buddha – when people are given freedom to do whatever they want, they will tend to do what everybody else is doing! I think Eric Hoffer said it….

  2. Harry, I don’t know why there is such an obsession with FP. I don’t read them. The posts aren’t that interesting and certainly NEVER controversial. I believe, as we’ve discussed before, it’s to leave sterile comments so as to ride on the coattails of the FP’d.

    Most of the those FP’d posters live in a world I’ve never seen. “How to Make the Perfect Mojito”? What real-life person you know cares or knows where to get mint leaves? Sometimes they get FP’d more than once.

    Could it be that WordPress’s goal is to have a “celebrity” niche? The perfect couple, the perfect children, the perfect vacation, the perfect haute cuisine to make the rest of us feel like underachievers? Give me the struggling mensch trying to pay their rent and put gas in their junker—but with a little style and humor and attention to grammar and spelling.

    There is one issue that continues to cause me grief though, and that is when we write about our unsanitized daily experiences based on real-life knowledge of our personal world, we get hate mail. I don’t see the point of writing about living in a harsh place without explaining why it’s harsh—and it’s not about the cactus. Then some clueless person who lives 2000 miles away just HAS to call you names. I consider quitting blogging every single day because I can’t possibly write about cooking. But if I write about life on the border, I get flamed every time by people who couldn’t possibly understand my world. That’s why I write about it. And I really, really tone it down because I’m writing as myself.

    Try tags. Search for life, struggle, work, rants, personal, etc. My favorite tag is philosophy but you have to weed through a lot of Muslim and Christian dogma (which is hardly philosophy) but then you’ll find a sparkler. Honestly FP is not worth it. I’m not even sure blogging is worth it.

    • I found your blog when it was on FP, Deb, so I guess I’m always hopeful something worthwhile will turn up! Most of it is pretty bland, which I guess is one way to stay away from the nastiness you’ve experienced by being honest and outspoken.
      I’ve got to get on the tag-surfing bandwagon. I really don’t care about Freshly Pressed as much as I enjoy reading and getting to exchange ideas with cool people….like the readers of my blog!

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