Charitable Humor

I’m not sure if they do the same thing where you live, but around here there are several charities that send a truck about once a month or so to pick up any donated clothing, household goods, furniture, or anything else you might want to get rid of that is too good to just throw out.

They range from the Disabled Vets to Lupus Foundation and other organizations.  You usually get a call saying they’ll have a truck in the area, asked if you have anything, and if you do you just put it out by the front door.  Said truck swoops in on the appointed day and leaves you a receipt, and your goods are hopefully off to do somebody some good.

This morning while having coffee, I saw one of the charity trucks come roaring down my street, with the name of the organization in 5-foot high letters on the side of a box truck.  It pulls up in front of my neighbor’s house.

Seeing that there wasn’t anything in a bag or box on the front porch as per the usual arrangement, the driver gets out and knocks on the door.

My neighbor answers the door, looks at the truck and showing her usual level of with-it-ness, asks the driver:

“Are you here for the pickup?”

I realized then that I wouldn’t last long should I decide to become a non-profit donation driver.  My response would have been either:

A)  “No, actually, your neighbors have taken a look at things at your place, and we’re here to make a delivery.    I’ve got a whole truckload of old clothes, dinged-up furniture and unwanted wedding gifts – if you’ll just show us where you want them we’ll get unloading right away!”

B) “Why yes, and since you haven’t put anything on the porch to make it easy and quick for us, that activates what we call “Driver’s Choice”.  If you’ll give me and my partner here a few minutes we’ll walk through your house and grab some of your stuff that may be  useful to others.  Is that a plasma TV?”

Feel free to add your own!


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