This Explains A Lot

Saw this article which goes a long way toward explaining how most people react to the new.  How people fear creative ideas.  Not much of  a surprise to anyone who has worked in a large company recently.

It does make me feel better, though.  Here I thought they just didn’t like me, and all the time it was my creative outlook!  Whew!

For all the talk of continuous-improvement and other such horse-puckey, I’ve always found that when people say they want creativity and ideas they just want security and convention.  As I mentioned to one boss when they gave me a task with no resources to accomplish it “what you really want is a solution that costs nothing, takes no effort or resources, and is risk-free”.  Yes, they said, without even seeing the sarcasm involved.  “Those are the constraints we have to work under”

On an unrelated-but-not-really note, I see that trust of the Federal Government is at an all-time low, with the Feds coming in even lower than bankers and lawyers.  I think it’s not so much a lack of trust, as a realization that the government is uncaring and unwilling to do anything effective.  Sure, they’ll try to whip up the crowd with speeches in Detroit about the good ol’ American worker, but they aren’t really going to do anything about it.

We don’t have money to spend on We The Sheeple, because it all has to go to wars and Wall Street.  So most of us just aren’t buyin’ it any more.  The sad part is it’s turning some people not just against this particular host of fools but against the very idea of government in general, into some kind of Wild West every-man-for-himself fiction that their 300-lb, high-fructose corn syrup fed, ill-educated asses can’t quite handle in reality.

Many of the folks who are espousing this type of Social Darwinism aren’t smart enough to realize they are the ones who will get weeded out.

P.S.  On a technical note, I’ve noticed some spammers returning to my blog.  Had a long run without them, but nothing good lasts forever.  So if you are hosted on WordPress, might be time to check to see if any weird URL’s are coming your way.



2 thoughts on “This Explains A Lot

  1. Hi Harry, I’m one of those people who believe we have no government. It’s not that I’m against it, it’s that I know it’s not there to defend me or even consider me a living entity. Maybe the ignorant asses never did have any respect for it—my disrespect is a recent acquisition.

    You’ve mentioned spam before—can you explain? I never see mine because WP catches it and puts it in a folder—every once in a while I think to look at it, then delete. Do you mean spam that’s coming through as regular comments?

    • No, Deb, the spam I’m referring to is from referral links. If you look on site stats it usually shows up as a gibberish URL that isn’t really a legitimate site. And it can visit the blog repeated times, so it kind of artificially drives up visits. WordPress seemed to have cleaned them out for a bit, but noticed one showing up the other day. My impression is that the referral spam is a bot that collects blogs to pave the way for comment spam.
      WP support is pretty good about blocking them once you report them, but it is kind of a case by case basis.

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