Nipped In The Bud

I mentioned in my last post about seeing some oddball links to this blog.  I reported them to WordPress support and it hopefully did the trick, I haven’t seen any more of them.

Which made me think about just what a spastic collaboration our electronic media is.  Hijacked sites, spambots, and angry commenters.  It makes you wonder what things would have been like for the creative endeavors of the past, if we showed as little respect then as we do now.

It would have probably stopped Michelangelo in his tracks about halfway thru the Sistine Chapel.  He’d have had an angry crowd beneath him as he worked every day yelling obscenities at his work, and at night they’d probably tried to spray-paint his work over, if they could penetrate the firewall (locked chapel).

I shudder to think what they would have said about Whistler’s Mother.

Luckily, those artists only had to deal with the local contingent of angry people, and being face to face, there weren’t the anonymous angry outbursts.

As time goes on, I think Internet civility has improved, as anybody who remembers the Usenet forum days might agree.  Or maybe there is so much other stuff to be angry about people are just wearing out.

Or maybe right now there’s the next round of link spam being written by some 13-year-old Romanian hacker.

It sometimes does make one long for the days of pen and paper.


6 thoughts on “Nipped In The Bud

  1. I seem to be noticing less internet rage these days as well… not that I’ve been [or stayed] many places where it happens. It’s a bit like road rage I guess… people who are otherwise angry taking it out on the nameless faceless person who just happens to be motoring along in the next lane online [grin]

    Harry I’m surprised by the level of spam you’re experiencing with WordPress. Do you have Akismet installed? I couldn’t operate my blog without this plugin… with literally thousands of spam links intercepted each week. A couple still sneak through but with Akismet catching most of the strays they are much more easily identified and deleted.

    It does make you wonder why people feel the need to generate this stuff… it’s annoying eh?

    • I do use Akismet, and it does catch the junk comments pretty well. What I’ve experienced is the occasional link that shows up as a referrer which has some really way-out gibberish URL and tends to crawl the blog repeatedly. Reporting it to WP support usually cuts them down. I would guess they can’t tighten the noose too much on things like this or legitimate URL’s from various countries would be filtered out.
      It does make me wonder how many new industries could be created and how many jobs could be provided if people with this level of tech skill did something useful!

      • I once found two new Users [installed as administrators] on my blog [which meant they had breached all security and had potential control of the site] I managed to get rid of them in record time but still keep an eye on that end of things. You just don’t expect the invasion to be so blatant 🙂

      • THAT sounds scary! I keep an eye out for the odd spammer just to nip them in the bud, but as foolproof as we try to make things, there always seems to be a new crop of smarter and more devious fools

  2. Jeez, I’m seeing more flaming than ever. A conservative blogger I look in on sometimes gets death threats (I read samplings of all views on American government). Every news article turns into nasty comment wars. Anybody who has anything controversial to say gets hate mail. There’s no discussion, just rocket launching. I can barely stand to read comments on news articles anymore, it’s too depressing, and a prime indicator of how horribly polarized we are.

    • I try to stay away from politics or similar “hair trigger” topics just for that reason. Unless there’s a forum for a rational discussion, I’m not really interested in just people venting because they are anonymous. I’m interested in exchanging viewpoints, not vitriol.

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