Aliens Beneath Our Feet

A bit of insomnia and the wonder of hyperlinks let me peek in the door of one of the dark but active corners of the Internet.

I’m not even sure how I got there, but I ended up on a site that discussed aliens (as in outer space type) and secret underground military installations where they have evidently set up shop.

I’m not sure how I have remained unaware of this, but in northern New Mexico there is apparently a secret underground base that goes 9 levels deep into the earth, and human scientists, along with the “greys” (think the almond-eyed little guys from Roswell and various car commercials) work on genetic experiments.

This apparently explains the cattle mutilations and other weird phenomena seen in the area.  The existence of these aliens and this base is pretty well known by everyone but me, apparently.  Google “Dulce, New Mexico” and you can be brought up to speed.

Who knew?

It does make for interesting reading, especially some of the comments and third-hand accounts of what people have supposedly witnessed.  It’s like science fiction that becomes a religion, and as outrageous as it is, you have to tip your hat to the creativity involved.

I think stories and conspiracy theories like this exist because we don’t have a lot of the mysterious anymore.  There are no new continents to explore, no new civilizations to uncover.  Even on our trips to other planets all the information we get back is kind of disappointing.

It would be cool for a Mars rover to look around and see somebody looking back.

I just wish we would submit to our alien overlords and the people who are running these hyper-secret projects.  Because they are apparently a lot more competent than the public fools we’ve got sitting in Washington that can barely keep the lights on.

Anyone who can build huge underground secret bases staffed with aliens and alien-human cross-breeds and do it all undetected for years is worthy of my vote.  At least they know how to keep things a secret.

But concentrating on fictions like this keeps us from digging too deep into the areas where we might uncover some real underground things.  Why concentrate on Area 51 and the like when there’s plenty of skullduggery right on Wall Street?

Hmm…..a nondescript sedan just parked in front of my house, with two men in suits-black suits – and dark glasses inside.

I’d better log off.


3 thoughts on “Aliens Beneath Our Feet

  1. That’s so funny Harry… hope you’re still around to read this reply… or maybe the men in black have already relocated you to Area 51 Dulce New Mexico. I wonder what the people of New Mexico think about having such an installation under their backyard vege patch? LOL

    You’re right. We are in desperate need of an adventure. Back in the day people set off in ships to discover the edge of the world… now they leisurely cruise the internet… [or maybe not so leisurely if those men in black are indeed parked outside your house] LOL

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