I Want To Love You, But You Make It Difficult

I see WordPress has changed the way it “looks” with regards to it’s Admin bar.  So now a task like writing a new post which used to be accomplished with a minimum of computer play now makes me hunt and scratch my chin to figure out where the new things are hidden.

We see this too much in technology.  Microsoft seems to need to change the entire reasoning and interface for each new version of it’s product.  Those of you who remember being dumbfounded upon opening up your brand spankin’ new version of Office 2007 will know what I’m talking about.

Even Firefox changed it’s tune an update or so ago.  I’ve been using drop-down menus to easily navigate since, well, the damn things were invented.  Suddenly they are gone so that they can appear more Chrome-like.

I’m all for a clean user interface.  But I’m starting to feel like we go a little too far, too often.  I remember in the Web’s early paleozoic era that all the design rules for readability and usability were thrown out.  Remember the awful looking Geocities websites with a black background and text that made your eyes bleed?

But this was the new frontier, so naturally all the old rules about design and usability had to be thrown out.  Along with what their soaring stock prices were really based on.  And we saw how that worked out!

I know tech types love to tinker, and that makes me glad most of them confine their activities to the ether of software.  I shudder to think if these guys designed cars or something tangible.  Next years model would have the steering wheel in the trunk for a “clean front seat interface” and the doors would be designed so that you’d have to ask the salesman how to get into the damn thing for a test drive.

Like everybody else I’ll get used to the new look, then it’ll change in the next iteration, for no real reason or added benefit.

Because these are the people who put “shutdown” under the “start” button.


2 thoughts on “I Want To Love You, But You Make It Difficult

  1. I’m having trouble navigating around my own blog. WP is very proud of the new changes and announced them in a self-congratulatory news release. I think it’s more complicated. Everything was right there on the left where you could easily get to everything, now you have to search and hover. I guess we’ll get used to it because we have no choice. The reason WP said they did it was to make “follow” and “like” easier to use. Once again, they are determined to integrate us, whether we like it or not, into the social media hysteria.

    To tell you the truth I’m a little tired of WP and all the “post a day” bores, the chain-letter awards, the freshly-pressed hype, the tireless efforts to connect us with Facebook and every other waste of time. Substance, substance, substance…I’m still searching.

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