A Digital Kick In The Ass

Have been out enjoying some unseasonably warm weather, but now the trees are past their peak of color and the crunching underfoot tells me that we’re really deep in the throes of fall now.  So it’s time to get back to posting!

Fall means another ungodly Minnesota winter is just around the corner, so given the chance to spend any time or do anything outside at all you’ll take it.  Of course, when the decent weather has passed you confront all the things you’ve been putting off.

I’m trying to move forward on a couple of fronts, and more regular posting here is one of them.  It seems the best ideas for posts always occur somewhere that you don’t have access to a computer.  Facing a blinking cursor, your mind goes blank as to what it is you were going to write about.  I guess what they say about carrying a notebook and pen has some merit.

To get rid of the blank page, I’ll usually surf around a little bit until I find something of interest, but lately it seems the entire blogosphere has hit a dull patch.   Being prone to dullness myself, this is something I try to avoid.

But apparently I’m not alone…..I just saw a statistic that said that 95% of blogs are abandoned after 120 days.  This blog just passed the 6-month mark, so I figure that puts me in the top 5%!  (And you too, since most of you have been online longer than I have).

Another interesting stat was that 16% of the search queries Google sees every day they’ve never seen before.  I was surprised at that, since it seems that just about everything that could be asked of Google has been asked.  But one-sixth of it is new…every day.

My “takeaway”, as the biz-speak folks like to put it, is that for all the talk about creativity and expressing yourself that bloggers like to mention, after about 4 months most of them run out of things to say.

And that if we take Google to be the universal “hive-mind” of the Internet, knowing all and filing it away for future reference, every day we’re throwing on 1/6 more with no end in site.

Which makes me realize what a lame excuse “there’s nothing more to write about” is……….


5 thoughts on “A Digital Kick In The Ass

  1. After my first blog post I wondered what the heck I had done. What I had started. Where I could possibly go from there. Now… almost five years on… I’m still finding things to say… albeit not often earth shattering or world changing but still something comes [sometimes just in the nick of time]. I don’t post as often as I used to. But that’s okay with me. I try. And sometimes life just intervenes. Blogging’s not for the faint hearted. But it’s a worthwhile race with yourself [I try not to look too far sideways] as long as you just keep going. I’ve learned. I’ve grown. I love it still. Even the blanks [grin] if you just run with it.

    Harry… I bought myself the coolest thing the other day! A digital voice recorder. Often I think of things while driving [I’m almost always driving somewhere] or in the shower or somewhere a notebook just wouldn’t be practical. Now I can say it instead of write it… which is weird at first… and sometimes doesn’t translate onto the page… but it does capture the idea and locks it in for later. Every little bit helps. KInda.

    Interesting stats by the way… I didn’t know that 🙂

    • I used to work with somebody who had one of those little DVR’s…..every so often he’d bring the thing up to his mouth and mumble. I thought he was eating a candy bar…..wondered why he talked to it until I saw what it was! LOL
      5 years! That is some staying power!

  2. Hi Harry, I’m finding myself a bit disillusioned with blogging myself. Not for lack of things to write about, but because the things that affect me deeply don’t engender discussion, just reactionary flaming from those who don’t agree (and don’t live anywhere near here, I might add).

    I’ve stopped reading several bloggers whose posts consist of me me me, wah wah, boo hoo, I need hugs. And they get them. That’s not what I want from blogging, my goal is discussion, not sympathy. I know I whine too though, then I hate myself for it.

    I recently found a brilliant philosophy-based blog, and when I read it I learn, but it also has the effect of making me feel small. So perhaps a metamorphosis is in store for both of us.

    • Would rather read what you call your “whining” Deb, than most of the people needing hugs. It’s what makes your voice come through your blog. I guess I just get intimidated by the people who are motorcycling through Patagonia or going to film festivals in Rio.

  3. Me too Harry, not so much intimidated though as bored. And Freshly Pressed is hardly fresh. The only reason I would read a post about traveling somewhere exotic would be if I was researching it, or if I was planning to go there myself. Otherwise, it’s like someone forcing you to look at their vacation pictures.

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