Playing Make Believe

I try to stay away from posts regarding the economy, politics, or any of the other hot-button issues in the news.  I certainly don’t pretend to be a subject matter expert or journalist.

But sometimes it’s tough, since so many of the experts and journalists do seem to be just that – pretend.  And the problems and issues affect so many people all around me.

There’s enough hatred and vitriol on the Internet for anyone, and I always try to stay on the sunny side of the street, so to speak, not because I’m some kind of Pollyanna but because in the stockroom of Internet life, we are full-up on inventory of anger and argument.  What is in short supply is entertainment and wisdom.

Those shelves are nearly empty.

So those are the commodities I’m placing an order for.  So if you have any suggestions, let me know.  Maybe we can bundle our order for a volume discount.


7 thoughts on “Playing Make Believe

  1. Beats me Harry. Even the joy of my life, the reference book work I do, was crushed this week by academic types who managed to smuggle snide political commentary into entries about WORDS. Wiped out my enthusiasm for the entire project. Can’t write anything funny because I look at my home page in horror. Seems the whole world is afflicted with some sick personality disorder.

    How about this awful filter bubble? I blatantly see it in action—look how our news is “customized.” I can’t make it stop. As a topic, with research you could provide the wisdom but the challenge would be entertainment value!

    • I’m not sure how politics seems to creep into everything either, Deb. I can’t even read comments on most news blogs anymore because there can be an article about the weather and after the second comment it turns into a political hate-fest.

      I always tried to keep up with current events, I thought that was part of the mark of a “civilized” person….but lately find I can ignore what passes for “news” and I’m none the worse off for it!

  2. I worry about the filter bubble as well. I mean… where will that lead? Down a never ending spiral of smaller and smaller circles of information and broader understanding. The way I see it the world gets angrier and less tolerant of what it doesn’t understand. Customisation narrows the bandwidth of information available… and therefore exacerbates the obvious problem of ignorance and misunderstanding. But what would I know? I live in a bubble [but one of my own choosing] It’s not that I don’t want to know… it’s just that I choose carefully what I let in. Just as we have to be careful what we wish for… we have to be careful what we focus on… because like attracts like… and negativity breeds even more negativity. I very much like the order you’ve placed Harry… there should be way more of it! 🙂

    • I’m glad you live in bubble of your own choosing, Jean…..I read through the link on your blog regarding artists and monks and found it an enviable lifestyle. Perhaps the “filter bubble” will lead to the “Balkanization” of the Internet. All the futuristic predictions about ease of communication amongst the world’s peoples has never really helped us out much, as I stop to think about it. Radio and air travel hasn’t really made us embrace our brethren around the globe over the course of the last century!

      Makes one want to move to the beach in Australia!

      • The really funny thing about the advent of air travel is that the majority of Aussies have been getting out of here ever since! LOL They do come back however. And I think that’s a good thing to go see the world and come back and report to the rest of the troops. Australia is such a long way from pretty much everywhere… and we have always been curious about the rest of the world. We are second only behind the Japanese for the most travelled nation and yet we are the furthest away [go figure] LOL

        Air travel in general makes the world feel smaller… and the problems in it perhaps a bit more doable. There are some places in the world that will never change… either politically…. morally… culturally… religiously or otherwise and we probably will just have to live with that. We can’t change what can’t be changed [and if everyone is peaceful and respectful… then nor we should want to]

        But we can keep our eyes and ears open [not easy when our information media is being filtered for taste] and try to stay abreast of the world and its workings. What we can do about it in the long run is open to conjecture… but I guess we can do in our own backyard what we can. If everyone did… that would probably be enough. Just thinking aloud here… sorry about the novel [grin]

      • I think you Aussie’s come by your knack for emigration genetically from the Brits! I am always amazed by the fact that I can go to any place in America, regardless of how small or remote, and if I seem to spend more than 3 days there I’ll run into some British ex-pat.
        Having been to Australia I can understand why they come back as well!
        As you mention, there are some places in the world that haven’t changed – and those are mainly the areas where travel and information is suppressed by the powers that be. So I guess increased communication does have some leavening effect. It’s hard for a culture to accommodate new ideas without losing it’s identity entirely, which is probably what most countries fear.
        Thanks for the comment, Jean…you always make me think!

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