Bundt Cake Values

I was pleased to see readers respond favorably to my previous post about the resurgent Faribault Woolen Mills.  It was great to see people get the same positive feeling I had as I learned about it.

It also occurred to me that there’s another story worth telling right in my backyard.  You might be familiar with NordicWare if you do any baking, or if your mother or grandmother ever made you the infamous Bundt cake. Maybe you’ve even got one of their cookie sheets or baking pans rolling around in the back of a cupboard.

They make simple aluminum kitchenware.  Stuff that should have been sent to the banks of the Yangtze or Huangpu rivers years ago, to hear the modern CEO’s tell the story.

But they keep plugging along, as they have for 65 years.  But they tell the story on their own website more eloquently than I do.

From their website:

Keeping Jobs In America Since 1946

At Nordic Ware, we are proud to manufacture our products in America because we believe that keeping jobs in this country benefits everyone. Nordic Ware is also providing jobs for hundreds of people in America at a time when most manufacturers have moved overseas.

More than 300 people in our local community are able to support their families because of these jobs. This also results in countless jobs for other American workers employed by the suppliers we use on a daily basis:

  • Our Packaging and Corrugate Box suppliers (all less than 20 miles from our factory)
  • Our Machinery Suppliers
  • Our metal suppliers (all 900 miles or less from our factory)
  • Our tool makers
  • Our American nonstick coating and paint supplier
  • Local construction and maintenance workers.

Providing jobs in the United States rather than sending money overseas is one key to Nordic Ware’s sustainability strategy, which we invite you to read more about here. Our employees help ensure the finest quality standards anywhere. Now that’s something everyone can feel good about.”

That IS something everyone can feel good about, and I’m proud that this business is part of my community.  Can’t say the same for a lot of ’em.

So the next time you hear some business pundit start spewing about competitiveness and globalization, bake a Bundt cake.  Not only will you feel better about life but so will the good people of St. Louis Park, Minnesota.



One thought on “Bundt Cake Values

  1. I am SO with you and Nordic Ware on this.

    My first encounter with America was through the TV show ‘Wonder Years’. It got me interested and I delved deeper to understand the culture — books, TV, movies. The more I saw, the more I understood that I was more an American than an Indian. I was proud of America, and its ‘true’ values.

    Then came globalization and outsourcing. And I knew something was wrong. Capitalism was fine till greed corrupted it. And now I do not know the modern American values, which have ghettoized the old virtues of labor and courage and freedom and equality that I had always loved. People revere Apple and Jobs — the irony that his company made millions jobless in America.

    But Nordic Wave had brought the smile back, even if it is too rare, but nevertheless, more precious.

    I too am a product of this outsourcing, and I am ashamed of my nation — it could never produce jobs for its own people, and sold itself cheap to the greedy monsters. You can hear in the news, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world — ask me. It has taken many a sleepless night and hungry stomach across the Pacific to achieve that milestone in India.


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