Three Little Words

Not the “Three Little Words” of the 1950’s movie with Fred Astaire and Red Skelton, but an idea I got from John over at Full Bleed Arts Marketing.

Since it’s the New Year, I found the idea of just selecting three words that act as guiding principles appealing, as opposed to a standard New Year’s resolution which has a feeling of grim determination that ultimately leads to failure.

The first one I thought of is “Engage”.  It’s easy to isolate from people around us, even online.  We are constantly in “scan” mode to handle the torrent of information at our disposal without really touching base or connecting with people or ideas we find interesting.  But information isn’t more valuable by the pound – you’ve got to dive in at some point and do something with it.

Which leads me to “Produce” – pretty self-explanatory.  It’s important to convert all that stuff rolling around in your brain-pan into something tangible and useful.

And last but not least – “Release”.  Growth is natural.  We aren’t the same people we were in 2011, for good or for bad.  Some things are no longer possible, new opportunities might have opened up.  So we need to empty our minds and closets of that which doesn’t work for us anymore so we can welcome the new.

This “Three Words” approach seems a lot more positive and a kinder way to live our values in 2012 than stating how much weight we’ll lose or that this is the year we’ll finally learn Spanish, etc.

I hope 2012 will be a positive and productive year for everyone who reads this, and that whatever your particular “Words” are, they’ll lead you back here with your input and comments.  Starting this blog in 2011 and seeing people read and respond to it was one of the year’s highlights, and I hope to keep the fun going in 2012!



5 thoughts on “Three Little Words

  1. I have my words too. The New Year means nothing to me, they are words I try to reflect on every day. As the years go by I find myself more depressed, more angry, more unable to “release.” I try to engage but it often backfires and makes me even lonelier. I think the world is close to chaos and the understanding I once thought I had of my own species is gone. Maybe each human is important to someone or something in their own way, but the misery people cause each other negates that. Maybe our worldview is in our genes and impossible to alter. Advice from those who breeze through life with a smile doesn’t help. I go through life in a daze with occasional good days. I function, I produce. I get by. It’s not living. I envy the religious. But I will carry on because I have responsibilities to those who need me, and if I wasn’t here, the animals that I rescue, and will rescue in the future, will suffer. Money would help, a lot, no matter what people say about it not bringing happiness. What a depressing comment this is—thank you Dr. Harry for listening.

  2. Harry, I like your words very much and am glad you like this approach.

    Your “release” word is, to me, the most interesting and one that most of us don’t do well at all. We sure love holding onto stuff both emotionally and physically. What a freer world we’d have if this could be achieved.

    Engaging is certainly why I think things like your blog work and why like to do them. It’s good to get feedback and response to one’s ideas. I don’t engage as much as I’d like including on your blog, but I do read it and I have thoroughly enjoyed your take on life with its wisdom and humour (Canadian spelling of that word :-).

    All the best in 2012. We should check in with each other on our words in three months.

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