What Can You Harness?

I saw this TED talk awhile back, but recently ran across it again and thought it worthy of comment:

You have to admire not only the young man’s resourcefulness, but something much deeper than that.  Facing obstacles that most of us couldn’t even imagine, he did the only thing that has ever worked, since time began.

He got off his butt and did something.

That’s the point at which most of us fall short.  I know I do.  We like to bitch and complain about problems that we don’t have a solution for, and we can do that pretty eloquently.  When we’ve expended enough energy and time doing that, then we feel justified in saying we don’t have time or energy to come up with a solution.

But sometimes you just need to shut up and head down to the junkpile and see what you have laying around that you can use to fix things up a bit.

Unless you have fewer resources than William did, you don’t really have an excuse.



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