Where Have All The Storytellers Gone?

I was just watching my local news, which is largely a rehash of what their interns find on the Internet.  I think all they do is the occasional live shot of an accident or other non-controversial “breaking” news to justify their expenditure in their satellite truck.

I could go to the website of any news aggregator like Google News or Yahoo and whip out a news broadcast for them in about 5 minutes.  Which is, I believe, about the amount of time they spend in producing the half-hour program.

Like any other form of communication, journalism relies on story.  But we don’t seem to be able to tell them anymore.  I think commercials do a better sense of conveying a story today than most news organizations do.  In 30 to 60 seconds VW can tell me a story about a dog who is too fat to fit through his dog-door and exercises so he can chase the new and improved VW offering.

I think the worst example of missing the story was something I read last week about a doctor who had opened an ice cream shop in St. Paul.  Even though he lived in California now, the reporter told us that he had “grown up in St. Paul and still had ties there, because he was the son of a local Catholic priest”

I think there’s a story in there somewhere!


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