What Makes You So Special?

Creative people have always fascinated me, in part I guess because I’ve admired their ability to “put themselves out there”.  It is one thing to kind of phone your life in to a job you don’t care about, but to do some kind of work that says “this is me” takes courage.  Rejection or not being accepted or listened to hurts a lot more when your heart is on the line.

Maybe some people conquer that fear with ego.  Salvador Dali was certainly no shrinking violet, nor was Picasso.  But lacking that degree of self-confidence/conceit, what can we do to encourage ourselves to write, in an Internet that has millions of blogs, or to paint, when the best works of more talented people go unsold, or to make music when everyone with some pirated software can set up a recording studio?  Does the Universe really give a crap what we do?

I think it does.

We are each here to synthesize our own experience.  Nobody else in the history of mankind has had the same experiences you have, the same lineage you do, the same exact personality.  Not even if  you are a twin.

Pieces of our personality, our looks, and our psychology are stranded down our DNA from people we never even knew personally.  All the people we’ve interacted with, from our parents to our past relationships have put their stamp on us and shaped us into something that is totally unique.

So if you don’t show people the view from your own unique window, and keep it all bottled up because you think nobody cares, then you are not only stifling your own life-force, but the energies of all those who made you…..your ancestors, your immediate family, people you’ve known who left an impression.

That energy is there, inside of you, whirling around like electrons around a nucleus.  So split that atom, and release your own chain reaction of energy, which will set off other chain reactions in the people you touch and interact with.

And you’ll become part of somebody else’s story.  Wouldn’t YOU want them to tell it?



8 thoughts on “What Makes You So Special?

  1. Too often people don’t pursue anything creative is because they wonder two things — what if I’m not any good and can I make any money at it?

    Worst case scenario is the answer is “no” to both of those, but that shouldn’t matter. The act of creating anything is fulfilling to the creator. Making music or anything visual helps you get those ideas out of your head that have no other way of escaping. One of the coolest things about going to a museum, a festival, or any other arts related thing is seeing the things people made, good or bad. Plus, rejection gives you a thick skin, and that never hurt anyone.

    • You’re right, Chris…those two questions have stopped many an artistic pursuit dead in it’s tracks. And they are probably the least relevant questions to ask. We seem to be hardest on ourselves the closer we come to really getting down to what’s authentic to us. Entrepreneurs don’t seem to ask these questions, yet they should – the obstacles in their path are just as large, in a lot of ways.

  2. A very thoughtful essay. I have to let the words sink in because I am so torn about revealing my views and never telling a soul because nobody cares. What if I have nothing good to say—do I still put it out there? I can’t get over the many blogs who have hundreds of comments in response to a post about…nothing. I don’t get it, am not part of it, and often struggle to see the point of blogging at all, because I’m only curious about what people really think deep inside but that’s not what you get. Picky, picky, I know.

    • Thanks Deb – there is an artificial politeness in a lot of blogs and blog comments – we want to show the sanitized mask of ourselves, not the real “us”. Maybe it’s human nature, some kind of survival response from the days when non-teamplayer tribesmen would get thrown to the wolves -literally!

  3. Loved this blog!! it moved me deeply….
    I’m out there…i’m out there A LOT! and sadly my struggle is working around the clock to make ends meet and yet feel like it’s really not worth all the stress and struggle…

    but perhaps…

    • Thanks, Maureen! It can be tough to hang in there, but I guess the question everyone has to ask themselves is what would life feel like if you DIDN’T do what you felt was inside you?
      Glad you enjoyed the thought, hope you’ll hang around!

  4. Whatever little history of artists I know of, they share the common tale of woe — the unappreciated genius. I am no artist, but every time I see some art that’s good, I think of the creator and his/her story, and often I find the same old poverty/destitution/rejection tale. And that hurts too deep.

    I have met some wonderful artists/creators through the Internet, and all are in this dilemma of survival versus passion. But our capitalist society has no place for them: we value of high-level salesmen (CEOs: there salaries explain that) but look down upon the busker on the street..

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