We’ll Always Have Paris….And Spam

I’ve recently had another round of spam commenters, and if you run a WordPress blog maybe you’ve had them too – they seem to come from Brazil or thereabouts.

They ALMOST pose as a regular comment complimenting you on a post, until you realize they are bot-generated with links attached.  They aren’t really a problem, they get screened as spam and you just have to take out the trash every so often.

We’ve been fighting spam on the Internet for what now, like 15 years?  Yet despite the best efforts of the smartest people, even smarter (apparently) people are always able to pick their way through the defenses, at least for a short time, until their tactics are known and protected against.

I think that whatever future technology holds for us, even when we have wi-fi in our eyeglasses and keyboards surgically implanted in our kneecaps, we’ll still be getting emails from shady loan outfits, the Nigerian Embassy scam, and porn sites.

Right now NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover is exploring the Red Planet.  It’s software and missions are getting sent up to it “on the fly” and it is almost an interactive mission.

All I know is that if Curiosity has an email inbox, I hope it doesn’t click on any of the links!




3 thoughts on “We’ll Always Have Paris….And Spam

  1. And what is with this “lista de emails”? Man they are blowing away my spam page, along with Viagra, Viagra, and more Viagra. The world is obsessed with Viagra. Or is it? Spam is like a parallel universe!

    • I don’t see the Viagra links, but I too am inundated with “lista de emails”. I get the idea that somebody is selling a lot of Viagra, though, or else they’d be on to a more lucrative scam.
      Maybe there is a secret rainforest Viagra lab in Brazil, though….

  2. Harry do you have Akismet? It’s a WordPress plugin which should identify and clean up most of your spammy comments. I say most because it doesn’t get them all… but it makes life a whole lot easier if the amount of spam that turns up automatically in the spam box [as a result] is anything to go by.

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