The Last Of The Mohicans (So To Speak)

I started this blog on a whim 18 months ago.  I was late to the blogosphere but couldn’t ignore what seemed to be an easy way to share information in an informal manner without the hassle of getting a host, HTML, and other things I never seemed to get around to do.

I had been inspired by other blogs I had read, most long gone now.  There seemed to be an actual sense of community and shared experience with others in a wide variety of interests.  A dilettantes dream!

But now, just over a hundred posts later, I’m going to shut ‘er down.  It’s been a fun way to connect with others, but as the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna states, “energy flows where attention goes”.

And less of my attention is drawn to the online world lately.  It’s been a fun summer, and now that fall is here I’m finding myself more oriented to various creative and craft projects, the eternal reading and thinning out of what has turned into way too many books, and getting ready for what I sense is a big change in the next phase of life.

I really want to emphasize one thing – I have loved interacting with the readers and commenters here over the last year and a half.  If there’s one thing I love about the internet it is the ability for people to showcase and express their passions.  And the followers who I’ve been honored to have are a very creative and interesting bunch of people.

When I get my own verve and passion back about something that I want to explore online, I’ll probably be back in some way.  But for right now I’m moving into a more of a “doing” than a “telling” phase of life.

I’ll be hitting the big delete button in a few days, and will still continue to follow the folks I’ve been following here, but I just wanted to express my appreciation to everyone who has happened by this little chunk of cyberspace and wish you the best as you continue painting, writing, and playing.


4 thoughts on “The Last Of The Mohicans (So To Speak)

  1. Harry… that’s really sad. And I’m sorry. But yes… I get it… I do understand. My blog has been going since January 2007. It has morphed and changed and seen me through so many changes in my life and times that I hardly recognise myself back then LOL

    Please don’t take it all down. Leave what’s hear to speak for itself. I did that with DearDotCom and it still surprises me that people find the conversations valuable [even if very few commented at the time] Who knows one day I will go back and crank it up again but for now I’m staying on [albeit wobbly] at We’ll see how that goes.

    Have loved being here and reading and enjoying your wisdom… and have also so very much appreciated your visits over at my place. It’s a great big wonderful world. We can’t forget that… and the internet is the great human conduit!

    Take care Harry. Enjoy everything. Hope to see you back again soon.

  2. I’ve only been here since July, but I have enjoyed reading what you’ve shared with the blog world. Of course I totally understand your decision and wish you the best of luck in life. Sincerely, Sheila

  3. I understand Harry. I go through long periods where the blog is more of a burden than a friend. Sometimes I dread even checking my email much less logging on to WordPress. Best of luck to you, we’ve had some great conversations.
    Take care,

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