About The Fool-In-Chief

Since I’m actually starting to get a few subscribers now, I thought it would be a good idea to flesh out the standard “About” paragraph WordPress so kindly provides.  After all, it’s usually the first place I go to check people out when I see an interesting blog.

This blog breaks just about all the “rules” of how to go about creating a blog.  It doesn’t have a laser-focus, I’m not a “thought leader”.  I don’t have a brand, or a Unique Selling Proposition.  There are a lot more hipster terms about what I’m not doing but I haven’t paid enough attention to them to recall more than the few I’ve mentioned.

If I had tried to figure it all out I’d have never started, so as the old Russian saying goes “better is the enemy of good enough”

My approach is simply that of a columnist/essayist.  I’ll be writing mostly about business-related things, but not in the standard, boring way.   Most of the people I follow are getting or in the process of getting their own ventures off the ground, and seeing as the hunt for our daily bread pretty much occupies most of our adult lives we can all relate to it and learn from each other.

And it will NOT be a what-I-had-for-lunch blog, or a place for Anonymous Internet Anger.  There is the rest of the Internet for that.

I’m hoping it’ll grow to be the kind of place you surf to when you have a spare minute just to see what the hell is up today.  Maybe even get an idea that helps you, or a laugh when you really need one.

I don’t think there’s a higher calling than that!


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